telenor quiz answers today 18 sep 2021

            You will find the telenor quiz answers today 18 sep 2021 and telenor question today in this blog. We collect the Telenor quiz answer in our blog to find it easy for you and get free MBs by my Telenor app today with questions and answers. We ensure that we publish correct Telenor quiz answers today 18 sep2021. you will improve your gk knowledge through the Telenor question today.


Telenor quiz


Instructions to get MB’s from Telenor quiz answers today 18 september 2021


You can Win effectively free MBs every day from My Telenor App to pick the right responses to 5 unique inquiries. My Telenor App questions are refreshed day by day. Each question has four choices. To begin with, you select the right choice. Check the answer to the Telenor quiz today.

Telenor Quiz answers 18 sep 2021 – today Telenor question answers:

Question 1: 

Firaq Partug worn traditionally by women of which culture ? 





Answer: KPK


Question 2: 

Which turban is promenant part of traditional dress of which provience? 





Answer: Balochistan


Question 3: 

What is the Gilgit Baltistan’s traditional overcoat called? 


Waist coat



Answer: Shuqa


Question 4:

Which of the following is actually a winter wear named after a nepali tribe? 


Sharpa jacket



Answer: Sharpa Jacket


Question 5:

What is cashmere ? 





Answer: Wool

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General info about Telenor question today:

In this website you will fond right answer of telenor question and answers. Thus, visit this site every day since I update answers day by day. On the off chance that you addressed each question accurately. you could get free MBs from the My Telenor App. The MBs you will win from the My Telenor App is accessible for 1 day. Following 1 day, these MBs are eliminated from App, and you won’t utilize them. 

Of one telenor quiz answer be wrong, than you will not get free MB’s.


Presently, I will enlighten you regarding these means you can use to Win MBs from Test Your Skills. This means assisting you with running this App and Win Today Telenor answer 18 september 2021 MBs. 


Things you should think about My Telenor App 


Assuming you addressed any inquiry wrong, you won’t get free MBs. 


You should have a 0.01 PKR balance in your Telenor Sim. 


You can utilize free MBs inside a day. After 24 Hrs it will be expired.


Pick the alternative cautiously, individually. 


You should choose the appropriate response before you can pick the alternative on the My Telenor App. 


Bit by bit guide, to get free information 


Open My Telenor App 


Snap-on the “Test your Skills button” on the right side in-application 


There you will see 5 inquiries. 


You need to respond to those inquiries. 


You should respond to those 5 inquiries accurately. 


Then, at that point, you will get 100/50 MBs by Telenor question today 18 september 2021.

The above are the answers to today’s Telenor questions and today Telenor answer.

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