Telenor quiz answer today – Telenor question answer today – Telenor app question answer 20 June 2021


In this blog, you will learn Telenor quiz answer today – Telenor question-answer today – Telenor app question answer 20 June 2021  

In this blog, you will find 

Telenor quiz answer today 20 June 2021

we collect all types of Telenor test your skills today answer and my Telenor app today’s questions and answers as of 20 June 2021. When you get this quiz answer you will reward free 50 MBS by the Telenor app.
See the below Telenor question answers today

Question 1: A flemish giant is another name for which animal?

Ans: Rabbit

Question 2: Which animal is known to take up to a month to digest food?

Ans:  Sloth

Question 3: Which mountain range is home to the snow leopard?

Ans: Himalayas

Question 4: Which flightless bird is known to be the emblem of New Zealand?

Ans:  Kiwi

Question 5: What is the color of an Orangutan?

Ans: Orange

How to get free MBS by Telenor app, follow the following steps to get free MBS.
  • First, download the My Telenor app
  • Open my Telenor app

  • You will see on the left side ” Test your skills”
  • Click on test your skills and give the answers to question as you see your app screen.

  • When all your Telenor question is correct, Then you will get free 50 MBS.

For the Telenor quiz, you will visit our blog I will try to give the correct answer to the Telenor quiz on daily basis. 

Important Points about Telenor question answers today

  1. Give all the question answers correctly
  2. If any question goes wrong you will not be credited any free MBS.
  3. You have a minimum balance in your account is PKR  0.01
  4. The MBS uses only for one day, After a day it will expire.

Another option in my Telenor app ” Daily free MBS” Just click on that option and get free MBS by Telenor app daily. 

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Give the question of Telenor question to answer and take free MBS.  You also share our blog with your friends and Facebook groups.
For Telenor question answers today you will visit daily to get answers to the Telenor quiz and award free MBS by my Telenor app today questions and answers. This blog will try to share zong internet packages, Ufone internet packages, and Telenor internet packages for our readers to choose their best net deals.

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