zong day internet package - zong day time offer

zong day internet package – zong day time offer


 In this blog, you will find zong day internet package. zong day time offer a good deal to their customer. you also check out about iPhone and infinix smart HD 2021. 

Following is the detail of the zong day internet package.

zong day internet package | zong day time offer:


Day time offer 


 Rs 22.50/Day


1.5 GB 

 Zond day time offer 


4 am to 7 pm 

How to Subscribe zong day internet package:

 Zong day time offer 



Offer Duration 

Limited time offer 

zong day internet package - zong day time offer

Terms and Conditions for zong day internet package:

Below mention taxes and charges will be applicable for this zong internet package.
  • An advance income tax (AIT) rate of 12.50% applies on every recharge.
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.50% on usage applies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Would daytime be able to offer to exist together with other web bundles?
A. Indeed, it exists together with all web groups.
Q. Will the Daytime Offer be recharged naturally?
A. Indeed. The Day Time Offer will be auto-recharged consistently. In the event that the client runs out of equilibrium at the hour of auto-initiation then, at that point administration will deactivate.
Q. What sort of supporter can buy into Daytime Offer?
A. This offer is legitimate for all 2G/3G and 4G Prepaid supporters – GSM SIMS.
Q. Is there any download limit on Daytime Offer from 4 am to 7 pm?
A. Reasonable Usage Policy of 1.5GB for example clients can download however much they can inside as far as possible.
Q. Is there any Add-on accessible for this offer?
A. Indeed. A similar extra as for the situation for ordinary information packs.

More FAQ’S

Q. What will be the charges after the information is burned through?
On the off chance that the client has any group alongside DTO, subsequent to burning through 1.5GB (of DTO) client will move to the next pack.
In the event that the client doesn’t have some other pack alongside DTO, subsequent to devouring 1.5GB (of DTO) he will move to out of package rate till 7 pm, forward he will be moved to the default rate.
Q. What will be the need for Daytime Offer with Other information groups?
A. Daytime Offer has a high need with any remaining information packs.
Q. Can the client re-buy in the proposal after utilization of 1.5GB of information?
A. Indeed, Incase administration is recharged at mid-evening and in the event that the client deactivates the help after information utilization and, reactivates the assistance, the Service will be reactivated for the second time.
Q. How to withdraw this offer?
A. SMS “unsub to” to 6464
Q. Will the client be charged again on the off chance that he initiated the proposal before 12:00 am?
A. Indeed
Q. What will be the Add On expiry if a client has enacted a Daytime offer alongside any information group?
A. Legitimacy of Add-On will be synced with the most noteworthy legitimacy group
Q. Would daytime be able to offer to coincide with other web bundles?
A. Indeed, it coincides with all web packs aside from great night offer

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