ufone WhatsApp package monthly | ufone monthly WhatsApp package

ufone WhatsApp package monthly | ufone monthly WhatsApp package

To know to subscribe Ufone WhatsApp package monthly, We provide you with maximum information in this blog post. Ufone is a Pakistani telecom company, which provides the best internet packages. Whatsapp package monthly is the best internet package.
ufone WhatsApp package monthly

Ufone Whatsapp package monthly code:

The Ufone monthly WhatsApp package code is *5858#. All other detail of this WhatsApp monthly package is below:

Package Name

Ufone WhatsApp package monthly


Unlimited for Whatsapp 

Price of Package

Rs 50/-

Offer Validity

30 Days


Subscription Code

Subscription Code: *5858#


Whatsapp is a Facebook messenger app that provides you to send messages, voices, audio, and video calling. Nowadays Whatsapp is used for business purposes. students and friends also use WhatsApp for sharing their educational documents and other relative information to update each other. 
Some people also create WhatsApp groups for new and daily useful info for people.
so it is a nice WhatsApp package monthly for you.

Ufone Monthly Whatsapp package:

Just daily from your mobile *5858# to subscribe to this Ufone Whatsapp package. It is a low price of Rs 50/- per package cost. Its validity is 30 days, After 30 days you will be renew this package.
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