Zong super weekly premium code | zong super weekly premium unsubscribe code

Zong super weekly premium code | zong super weekly premium unsub

  Zong super weekly premium code is the best song weekly internet package. You get 30 GB of data from zong weekly premium 3G/4G. 
Zong super weekly premium code
zong super weekly premium internet packages
If you want to find zong super weekly premium code then the code is *225# and if you want to find zong super weekly premium unsubscribe code then the unsubscribe code is “UNSUB down” and send to 6464. To check the remaining data just dial *102# ( 10 Pisa +Tax per inquiry). In this blog, you will find zong super weekly max details.

Zong weekly premium details are the following:

Package Name

  Zong super


weekly premium


Consumer Price     Rs 340/-
Data 30 GB
off minutes 100 
Zong minutes Unlimited
Validity 7 Days

Subscribe code

Check Remaining Mbs *102# (10 Pisa + Tax per inquiry


    Now enjoy zong super weekly premium for all networks with the highest internet speed in any weekly bundle. You also enjoy 100 off-net minutes and 500 zong minutes and SMS for 7 days. 
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Q: How can I check my super weekly zong MBS?
ANS: Just dial *102# for remaining MBs charges 10 paise + tax per inquiry.
Q: Are zong super weekly premium can auto-renew?
ANS: No, it is not auto-renew.
Q: Which types of customers can subscribe to zong super weekly premium offers?
ANS: All 2G, 3G, and 4G customers subscribe to this zong weely offer.
Q: What is the Downloading limit?
ANS: You can download up to 30 GB.
Q: What are the charges after the expiry of the weekly zong premium?
ANS: After the expiry of the zong weekly premium, the customer will be charged Rs 1 + Tax /MBs as a normal Tariff.
Terms and Conditions:
Below mentioned taxes/charges would be applicable:
  • Sales tax GST of 19.5% applicable on usage (if applicable)
  • An advance income tax (AIT) rate of 10% applies to every recharge.
  • FED of 16% applies on usage (where applicable).
In this article, we provide you with some basic info about Zong super weekly premium code.
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