How to check zong number | Zong number check code

 We explain to you how to check zong number. Your zong number check code is *8#. You also dial *100# to check your mobile sim card number.

How to check zong number

1st MethodDial *8# fo find you zong number
2nd MethodDial *100# your mobile number appear on your mobile screen
3rd MethodType in MSG editor “MNP” and send to 667

Zong is the largest telecom industry in Pakistan. It is a chain-based company. zong tasted his 5G service successfully in Pakistan. Zong provides a large variety of internet packages. like Zong daily internet packages, zong monthly internet packages, and zong daily internet packages.

So we come to our main topic how to check zong sim number. There are basic four ways to find a zong number check code.

1st Way: How to check zong number:

  • First, you open your phone dial pad
  • Then dial *8#  to find you’re my zong number
  • Your concerned zong sim number will appear on your mobile screen.

So, it is the first method to find your mobile number.

Now we discuss the second way to find our mobile sim number.

2 Steps: How to check my zong number:

The second way to find your zong sim card number.

  • Open your mobile phone dialer
  • Dial *100# from your dial pad
  • Your mobile number appear on the mobile screen

Now we talk about the 3rd way to find your mobile sim card number.

3rd Way to Find your Carrier number:

In this way, you find your sim, NIC, and sim owner information. so

  • Open your message editor
  • Type MNP
  • Send this MNP to the 667
  • You will receive all info about your sim from which you send this code.

Now we talk about the 4th and the last method how to find my zong number.

Note: The 4th method only shows that how many sim cards are owned by your CNIC.

4th way to Find Sim cards info on your CNIC:

Now we discuss the 4th and the last method to find sim card number information on your CNIC.

PTA provides you to find your mobile sims that are

  • Click on the below link
  • Enter your CNIC number
  • You will see that how many Sim cards are registered on your CNIC number.

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So in the last, we explain to you in detail how to check zong number. In the first 3 ways, you will find the Zong number check code and in the 4th way, you will find that how to check the sim card on my CNIC.

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