Zong daily Facebook package | Zong Facebook daily package 500mb code

Zong daily Facebook package

Zong daily FB Package details:

Subscription Code*32#
Data500 MB
Package Validity1 Day
Consumer PriceRs 5/- Inc Tax

To know about Zong daily Facebook package. Its code is *32#  @Rs 5/- Plus tax and enjoy zong Facebook for one day.

Zong daily Facebook package:

Zong daily Facebook package provide you 500 MB internet for Rs 5/-. Its validity is only one day. It is the cheapest zong facebook package. Just daily from your phone *32# and subscribe to this zong internet package.

Check remaining MBs of Zong daily Facebook package:

  • Dial *102# to check zong Facebook daily remaining MBS.
  • It has cost 10 Paisa + tax per inquiry.

Daily facebook package zong:

The details of the zong facebook package are the following.

Zong daily internet Package Bundle

Zong daily Facebook package


500 MB


Subscription Code



Package Price

Rs5/- Inc Tax


1 Day

Status Code


Zong bundle information

*102# or visit my zong app

Zong Minutes


Off Minutes




Zong Helpline

Dail from your phone 310

Terms and Conditions:

Below mentioned taxes / Charges will be applicable

  1. 14 GB youtube volume also included tapmad TV services.
  2. Sales tax GST of 19.5% applies on usage if applicable.
  3. An advance income tax rate of 10% applies to every charge.
  4. FED of16% applies on usage where applicable.  
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In this post, we explain in detail all the information about Zong daily Facebook package. You also find zong Facebook daily package 500MB code in this blog.

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