How to check ufone balance | Ufone balance check

How to check ufone balance

Find How to check Ufone balance. Just dial from your phone *124# and you will find your Ufone remaining balance. This code *124# is not free of cost. It has a cost of @ Rs 0.12/ Inquiry.

How to check ufone balance

CostRs 0.12/- per inquiry
Free Code*336#

Ufone balance check code:

Find your info about your U balance.




Rs 0.12/- per inquiry

Ufone balance check without charges: 

To know about another method to check your Ufone balance without charges dial the following code. It has free of cost. A menu will appear and you will navigate your balance. This method is free of cost.

Note: Company will change this USSD code at any time and maybe apply charges.

Free balance check code


Ufone balance online method: 

Just open your App Store or Google Play store and Download Ufone online application. Create your account on the Ufone app and you will see your remaining balance and all other packages like SMS and Minutes.

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In the last, we explain three methods about How to check Ufone balance. You use these methods to find your remaining balance.

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