jazz share balance code | jazz ka balance share code

jazz share balance code | jazz ka balance share code

Dial 1000300000*amount# is a Jazz share balance code. You use this method to share your jazz balance with your family and friends. You only can transfer Rs 500 per Transaction. The share amount range from Rs 15 to Rs 500/-

jazz share balance code 2022

Jazz share balance 2022 is very sample. You just from your phone paid *100*030000*amount# and send the amount to your family member or any other member. On the mobile number, you will enter the Concerned person’s mobile number to which you want to share the balance.

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jazz share balance code Process

Method 1Dial *100*030000000*amount#
Mehod 2Dial *100*9230000000*amount#
Max Amount Transffered/DayRs 500/-
Max Share LimitRs 500/Transaction
Jazz Amount Share ChargesRs 4.77+Tax/Transaction
Jazz share balance codeDial *107# a USSD will appear and enter your desire number (MSISDN)

jazz code info

First, you dial *107#, and a USSD will appear on your mobile dial pad Enter your concerned person’s info through (MSISDN). Its charge is Rs 4.77+Tax/Transaction. You only make one transaction of Rs 500/per day.


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