Telenor balance share code – how to share telenor balance

Telenor balance share code

Telenor balance share code. You can share your telenor amount from Rs 15 to Rs 200 to other telenor users using telenor balance share .This offer is only avalible for telenor prepaid users.

Method to share telenor balance code

To share telenor balance code the details and process is the following

  • Dail *1*1*92345xxxx*amount#
  • Replace the xxx by your desired number to whome you want to share balance.
  • Then replace *amount# between to Rs 15 to 200. That you want to transfer or share with your friends.
  • After that confirm by 1 to share your telenor balance with your friends.

Fee per Transaction

There are Rs 5.7 per transaction

Who can use share balance code

Only telenor prepaid users use this offer.

Can telenor post paid usera use this code

No telenor post paid users does not use this package.

Maximum and Manimum amount to share

The minimum amount to share is Rs 15 and the maximum amount to share is Rs 200.

This a good service of telenor to support the other telenor users who have no balance in an emergency. You can share your balance with your family members and friends at any time.

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