Telenor balance save code – telenor balance save code 2023

telenor balance save code while using internet

When we use data and have some balance in our prepaid sim card, so this is very important to use telenor balance save code to protect our balance, when our data balance is end.
Telenor also provide monthly internet packages for his users. You can visit more telenor internet packages.

telenor balance save code from internet

Many people using telenor internet, when data is end the sim card balance start deducting. You can dail *7799# to activate telenor save balance while using internet. This service inform you when you using internet on standard rates.

Telenor balance save method

Follow the below steps to activate the balance saving method while using telenor internet. Dail *7799#.

How i find my telenor internet mbs

Dail *123# to find your telenor internet mbs.

How i check my telenor balance

Dail *444# to check your remaing telenor balance.

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